Assistance and counseling center for victims of domestic violence “Ariadna”

The “Ariadna” Center is officially opened on August 15, 2006 with the support of UNDP Moldova in the project “Better Opportunities for Young People and Women”, funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

The beneficiaries of the Center are:

women victims of domestic violence;

mother-child couples / children victims of domestic violence;

The Center offers the following SERVICES to the beneficiaries free of charge:

  1. Social services according to the specific and real needs of each assisted person:
  • ensures the reception, protection and placement of victims of domestic violence;
  • provides personal hygiene services;
  • provide information support;
  • grants non-formal education in order to assimilate the knowledge and the formation of the skills necessary for social integration;
  • promotes socialization and development of relationships with the community and / or family;
  • facilitates access and informs the beneficiary about the social protection system;
  • elaborates, together with the beneficiary, the individualized assistance plan against any form of intimidation, discrimination, abuse and exploitation;
  • supports the mother-child / children couple in order to develop the autonomy that would favor its reintegration into the family and / or community;
  • monitors the postintegration situation of beneficiaries in the family and in the community


  1. Psychological assistance and counseling services. Psychological assistance and counseling sessions are based on the principle of psychological rehabilitation of the victim of domestic violence and aim to overcome the crisis situation and to develop the following knowledge, skills and abilities:
  • cultivating self-confidence and others;
  • formation of social skills;
  • developing the ability to make decisions;
  • obtaining information on social services;
  • developing skills regarding time management, money and overcoming crises.

The individual sessions are supportive, therapeutic and educational, and the group sessions are determined by the group form: support, discussion group, etc.

  1. Legal assistance and counseling services include the following areas:
  • specific legislation regarding immediate or long-term protection in cases of domestic violence;
  • the rights of the victim;
  • support in obtaining the protection ordinance;
  • legislation on marriage and divorce;
  • parental rights;
  • the provisions regarding medical and social insurance;
  • support in finding a lawyer, in case of necessity;
  • support for the preparation of legal documents.


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